Portsmouth is a city in England. If people are gone, can it last?

Life After People

1 day after peopleThe city blacks out due to power grid failure.

5 years after people The Hms Victory sinks.

10 years after people The glass shatters off the Eastside Plaza and plants invade the rooms. Also, the Royal Naval Museums tower falls.

20 years after people The Portsmouth cathedrals glass falls and the bible rots.

25 years after people The spinnaker towers glass falls into the salty water.

35 years after people The Eastside Plazas floors fall onto each other.

55 years after people The spinnaker towers spire collapses into the water.

60 years after people The Eastside plazas famous bit the lipstick bit bends and falls.

85 years after people The Eastside plaza falls to the remaining bit of island.

110 years after people The spinnaker tower gives up and falls.

400 years after peopleThe steeple and bell tower fall off the Portsmouth cathedral.

800 years after peopleThe remains of the Portsmouth cathedral in Portsmouth falls to the flooding Atlantic ocean.

900 years after people The roof of the museum falls destroying everything, except the walls since they are very, very hard.

1500 years after people The walls finally collapse off the remains of the royal naval museum.

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