Raccoons are small carnivore-grouped mammals native to North America. If people disappeared, what will be the fate of urbanized raccoons?

Life After People

1 week after people

In the absence of humans, raccoons invade human homes to look for food. They enter the

A Raccoon in someone's kitchen

houses by climbing down chimneys. Once inside they raid the kitchen where they discover that there is such a thing as a free lunch. For months these raccoons will only leave their den to eat food from human kitchens and go back to their dens to sleep. They become lazy very quickly. They can still eat insects, rodents and on occasions snakes and lizards.

2 months after people

The free ride for raccoons has come to an end. Scavenging is no longer an option now that human refuse has been used up. Urban raccoons must now return to the wild. Without human refuse to scavenge from only 1 in 10 raccoons will survive. Raccoons as a species will survive but only after a massive die-off.

2 million years after people

While some raccoons (as a species) remained unchanged, others evolved into large hyena-like omnivores with a niche like that of certain hyena species like brown hyenas.

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