Radio City Music Hall in New York City opened in 1932. In the time of people, it was one of the most iconic theatres and concert halls in the world. It could hold up to 6,000 people, but without people, how long will the theatre last?

2 days after people: The power fails in New York, and the famous amber lights and neon go dark.

6 months after people: The theatre is silent. Where concerts and shows were played for decades is now home to the creatures of New York. Some of the windows in the front have broken, allowing seeds and dirt to get inside, and now, small plants are growing inside.

5 years after people: The famous neon lights failed 5 years ago, and now, the tubes are breaking. One light breaks followed by the others and soon all the bulbs have broken. Meanwhile inside, the carpet has collected dirt and seeds, and now, there are small patches of grass and plants on the floor

20 years after people: The Great Stage is rotting. Dry rot and termites have attacked the stage for many years. Small holes have opened up on the stage, but metal supports under the stage have kept it standing, at least for now.

75 years after people: The interior of Radio City Music Hall is almost unrecognizable. The seats have been severly damaged by animals. The lights mostly fallen down and broken on the ground. In the foyer, the chandeliers have fallen down and shattered. Plants have invaded the bottom area of seating.

100 years after people: Holes have opened up in the roof allowing water to pour in. Water has damaged the balcony seating area. Finally, the balcony gives way, crushing the mezzanine and smashing on the floor below.

150 years after people: The signs on the outside have been rusting for 150 years. The famous signs are becoming loose. Then, a thunderstorm rolls into Manhattan and the winds blow the signs down.

250 years atfer people: In the time of people, they had a show every Christmas to celebrate the holidays, now, Radio City Music Hall will put on one last performance. The building that it is housed in is starting to collapse. Suddenly, the building starts to fall. It drops and leans over, crushing any remnants of Radio City Music Hall beneath it.

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