River Country 300 years after people

River Country is a water park at Disney World. It closed in 2001, but what if it hadn't? What would happen to it without us?

1 Day

The power dies and the water stops flowing

1 Year

Plants begin to cover surfaces around the park.

20 Years

The rocks around the park begin to decay. The water is filled with algae.

60 Years

The slides begin to fall apart. he Upstream Plunge slides crack and fall into the water.

150 Years

The park is almost unrecognizable. Many of the wooden structures in the water remain.

200 Years

The River Rapids slide is destroyed. Much of the rock work is decayed.

300 Years

While most of Disney World has collapsed, River Country is one of the last remaining structures. It is finally destroyed when the ground under the slides sinks into Bay Lake

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