5 years after people: A hurricane blows down the nearby hospital.

10 years after people: The unfinished castle collapses.

20 years after people: The big "R" on one of the buildings in the Roblox HQ complex deteriorates and falls off.
Life After People- Roblox Hq

The big R falls off, destroying parts of one of the buildings.

Life After People- Roblox HQ (2)

The right tower falls over.

25 years after people: The tower that just lost its "R" falls over.

35 years after people: The other tower caves in naturally.

40 years after people: The tower on the left finally collapses. Roblox HQ is now gone forever.

41 years after people: The nearby castle gets covered in foliage and collapses. The process of the collapse takes 5 months.

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