The Royal Tyrell Museum is a Dinosaur Museum in Drumheller Alberta that exhibits Dinosaurs in the Middle of the badlands, Without humans to be around, How long will the Royal Tyrell Museum Survive

1 Day After People: The Power Fails and everything in the museum stops working.

1 Week After People: The Food in the Cafeteria Begins to Rot

6 Month After People: Outside the Building, Snow Falls and the Dinosaur props begin the rust from the inside out, The Interior of the building is cold.

7 Months After People: By Now, The Arthropods in the building may he already died

10 Years After People: The Dinosaur Fossils begin to start crumbling, The Glass begins to shatter, However the Cambrian Glass Rooms Glass does not yet shatter due the less wind coming through.

25 Years after People: Cretaceous Gardens is being dominated with vegetation, The Playground outside the building slowly crumbles.

35 Years After People: By now, dinosaur skeletons crumble, The Anomalocaris model falls down.

70 Years After people: The Ceiling caves into the building, Dinosaur Skeletons that have not yet crumbled becomes destroyed.

140 Years After people: The walls begin to fall down.

50,000 Years After People: the Dinosaur skeletons would be again buried under soil which would confuse any other intelligent life on the Prehistoric Timescale

100,000 Years After People: The building gets buried as well as some debris are left in the sand.

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