the s.s united states was a ocean liner that has been lad up in Philadelphia since 1996 to be converted in to a museum ship.she was build in 1952 and retired in 1969.she was nickname the big u how long can she last in a life after people.

15 years after people the big u is still being lad up in Philadelphia but in 15 years in a life after people her mooring lines are corded and rusted by the wind then they break and the big u has been move out of the dock and in to the waters.

50 years after people the s.s united states still remains afloat even in 50 years in a life after people but she has one weakness. when people is still around in the 1990's Nearly 30 years after she was retired her hull begins to rust now 50 years after we disappear the big u's hull is to weak to stae afloat so it begins to decompose her compartments flood and the big u Finely sink to the bottom of the harbor of Philadelphia.

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