Safari West is a 400-acre (160 ha) private wildlife preserve located in Sonoma County, California, United States.

The selection of wildlife emphasizes species native to Africa, including giraffes, rhinoceros, cheetahs, and numerous species of birds. The park engages in breeding programs that, through exchanges with other zoos and parks, keep the gene pool healthy for the species that are involved in the program. The park is also home to species that are considered to be extinct in the wild.

The park, one of six accredited private zoos in the United States, combines wild animal care with vacation lodging. The establishment was started in the early 1970s on a cattle ranch in Beverly Hills, California, owned by Otto Lang, a film director who worked on The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Sea Hunt, Flipper, and Daktari. Peter Lang, his son, inspired by his father's interest in animals, began to keep wild animals on the ranch.

After selling the Beverly Hills property, for use as a park, Peter Lang moved the operation to a larger ranch near Calistoga, California, in 1978, and then in 1989 to its present location on a former sheep ranch near Santa Rosa, California. In 1993, he opened it to children's tours, and later added overnight lodging, safari tours, and a restaurant. As of 2013, it had about 900 animals of approximately 79 animal species.

If people disappeared, what will be the fate of this wildlife preserve?

Life After People

1 second after people

People disappeared.

1 day after people

Power grids failed.

1-4 days after people

All of the animals of the park including aviary birds, lower ground birds, off-exhibit birds and other animals, tortoises, crested porcupines, primates, carnivores, and hoofed mammals have escaped by either being released by dylanuses, being big enough to break out of their cages, their cages being broken by larger animals, or their cages were accidentally left open by humans before humans disappeared.

100 years after people

This wildlife preserve is now gone, having collapsed due to all kinds of natural elements.

1,000 years after people

The wildlife preserve itself might be long-gone, but all of the animals it had have survived and their descendants continued to live on. They all have became part of California's ecosystem.

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