Boeing 787 at KSBD

A Boeing 787 being rolled out at San Bernardino Intl. Airport.

San Bernardino International Airport, formerly known as Norton Air Force Base, is an airport located in the city of San Bernardino in Southern California. It is located approximately 60 miles from LAX.


A gate sits empty at San Bernardino Airport.

1 day after people: On the outside, San Bernardino International Airport is strangely quiet. Planes sit empty on the tarmac and the runway is quiet. However, inside the terminal, not much has changed. In the time of humans, the city of San Bernardino had spent more than two hundred million dollars building and perfecting a passenger terminal for the airport. Despite this, however, only small charter and private airlines flew out of the airport. Now, the terminal is empty, as usual.

3 days after people: San Bernardino's power grid fails. Although the nearby power plant always carries a three-day reserve, there are no humans to refuel the plant, and the airport goes dark.

2 years after people: The runway and taxiways at San Bernardino International Airport are being overgrown by plant life, although the airport remains recognizable.

5 years after people: Planes abandoned on the tarmac of San Bernardino International Airport are slowly rotting away, and planes sitting on the airport's demolition pad will eventually be completely demolished, by nature.

Airplane on nicosia airport

This is what airplanes abandoned at the airport might look like after 40 years.

15 years after people: The windows at the front of the airport's terminal finally shatter, letting all of the elements in. This speeds up corrosion and deterioration.

40 years after people: Most planes are now a hollow, rusting shell of their former glory. The landing gear tires, however, can last for hundreds of years.

50 years after people: The Big One hits San Bernardino. Years of deterioration have taken its toll on the airport's terminal, which collapses. Most of the hangars are also destroyed, but the airport's control tower, however, survives the massive earthquake.

75 years after people: The airport's runway and taxiways are now almost completely covered in vegetation. The only signs that there was ever an airport at this location are the control tower (which is still standing) a few rusted airplanes, and possibly a hangar.

120 years after people: The last hangar still standing at the airport collapses. Any airplanes inside of it will be reduced to a pile of twisted metal.

300 years after people: Although the control tower at San Bernardino International Airport was built to survive major earthquakes, three centuries of neglect have left the tower unstable. It finally collapses during a minor earthquake that strikes the region.

500 years after people: All that will likely be left of the airport at this point are a few rusted skeletons of what were once aircraft, rubble and airplane tires. Because of their unique material, airplane tires can survive many years into the future.

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