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Shibuya 109 is a Japanese-style Times Square in Tokyo, Japan. It is the loudest part of Tokyo. But, when the power fails across Japan, how long will this area last?

3 Days After People : The power grid of Tokyo fails and the lights of Shibuya 109 will never illuminate again.

10 Years After People: Cars are beginning to deteriorate around the area. Tires pop, paint peels, and glass breaks as the Earth swallows the cars.

20 Years After People: Shibuya 109 is still recognizeable, but any shops or office buildings are beginning to collapse. Any lampposts, benches, or trash cans have caved in, or fallen to the ground. If any plants are here, give them 20 years to grow, and they have taken over much of the square.

100 Years After People: Shibuya 109 is now a garden as vines overtop the streets all connecting to the main building. Water has flooded part of the area as well. 

150 Years After People: Shibuya 109 has been through major freeze-thaw cycles and is finally at the end of the line. The steel bars corrode and fragments of glass fall, causing the top of Shibuya to come crashing down causing a cascade of falling buildings.

1,000 years: The site where the building stood is now a flooded garden. No light will blink in the area ever again. No signs indicate that this was ever an inhabited area.

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