Shrek 4D is an attraction at Universal Studios Orlando. How long will it last without us?



The attractions entrance 20 years after people

1 Day

The power dies, turning the film off permanently.

1 Year

Animals native to Florida colonize the theater, destroying most of the seats.

20 Years

Inside the theater, the screen falls off the wall and tips over, crushing the remains of the seats in the theater.

30 Years

The roof of the theater crumbles in places. The building remains relatively in tact, however.

70 Years

The only thing still recognizable when it comes to the theater is the visage of Shrek and Donkey. However, both of Donkey's ears and part of Shrek's head have fallen off. During a rainstorm, as a hefty amount of rain piles onto the building, a support beam buckles, quickly sending the others down with it. The famous visages of Shrek and Donkey are reduced to rubble as the rest of the theater falls down.