1 day after people

In East Singapore, Changi Airport is strangely quiet. In the time of humans, about 6,000 flights land and depart in Changi every week. As of 2014, the airport has served 54 million passengers, nearly 10 times the number of people living on the island. Now, the airport serves no one. And as the power grid shuts off, the airport stops service forever. No one will ever check into the Crowne Plaza hotel in the airport.

10 years after people

The runways are overgrown with plants. Most of planes at the gates have quickly deteriorated. Now, another problem comes into play. Changi Airport was mostly built on reclaimed land. A heavy downpour quickly swamps the airport, speeding up the decay of the buildings. The Arrival Halls in all of the terminal buildings became flooded

50 years after people

The Crown Plaza collapses after years of its frame corroding. The runways are completely unrecognizable, covered up by swamp.

75 years after people

Terminal 3, the most recently built terminal, collapses. The SkyTrain track connecting the terminals also collapse.

200 years after people

The only remaining building in Changi Airport is the control tower. However, years of water damage and lack of maintenance have taken its toll on the tower. Soon, the tower collapses into the swamp.

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