Spaceship Earth-0

SSE 40 years after people

Spaceship Earth is an iconic structure located at Epcot in Disney World. It stands 180 feet high and is supported by 6 concrete supports sunk into the ground. It is covered in over 11,000 aluminum composite panels, which prevents corrosion. This structure is recognized all over the world, but how long can it stand in a life after people?

2 days after people: The lights illuminating the famous structure fade into the darkness as the power fails. The cars on the ride inside stop moving and the fountains stop running.

1 year after people: The warm and humid climate of Florida has sped up plant growth around the structure. Vines and moss finally start to take hold of the pylons.

5 years after people: The shiny panels on the surface still glisten in the hot Florida sun. The panels were originally designed so rainwater would not pour off the sides the of the sphere and onto the ground. But now, the gutters have become clogged. Rainwater pours off onto the walkways.

25 years after people: Florida is well-known for its hurricanes, and another one is moving in. The hurricane slams straight into the structure with winds reaching 140 miles per hour. The wind tears some of the panels off, revealing the steel structure underneath. Rain gets inside the sphere and pools in the bottom, which could be a problem later.

500 years after people: While almost all of Disney World has collapsed, Spaceship Earth still stands, but only just. The steel structure of the sphere has weakened to the point of failure. Suddenly, the struts closest to a pair of supports snap, causing the structure to lean. The corroded beams inside are too weak to support the structure and the entire ride collapses down on top of itself.