On the island of Portsmouth sits one of the most tallest buildings in England, the Spinnaker Tower, the 1 ton building that looks like a sail at one end and a tall marble stick at another. It also stands next to the harbour, but the harbour is very small and salty, so this could lead to its down fall in a life after people.

Life After People

30 years after people In Portsmouth, the salty harbour air has done intense damage to the Spinnaker Tower the glass has started to fall out.

55 years after people The lift in the Spinnaker Tower is swaying in the breeze, finally the lifts which stopped on the top floor falls, hitting the ground at 70 MPH.

70 years after peopleIn the salty air of Portsmouth, the spinnaker tower is in the water now water is eating away at the marble now the spire collapses into the watery harbour.

110 years after people Finally, after 11 decades of salty water and flooding, the spinnaker tower breaks and falls into a watery harbour.

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