Strata SE1 is A 43 floored skyscraper in London,UK.At 148 meters,it is not that tall but it is enrgy effeciant.The buildings has 3 large fans in large holes at the top of the building.

One day after people,the rest of london is plunged into darkness except for Strata SE1.The fans provide electricity for the building so nothing could possibly go wrong...

1 year aftee people,The fans on the top of the building still provide electricity to the building.A new strom system arrives from Scotland.Just like palm springs,the fans are shreded to pieces.Some parts even tears the top floors apart.

30 years after people and unlike most buildings in London,the Strata SE1 collapses before the rest of the buildings.It collapses when a surviving fan blade wedges into the building when it breaks in half which it then causes a floor collapse and the Strata SE1 caves in.Any remaining trace of the building will be swallowed up by the river Thames.

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