Stuff is a MADE UP ANIME SERIES.In the piece of trash that hurrdurr501 hated, there is some people representing countries in world war 2.Everyone was gay and died except Joan of arc and some commies.Everyone in the planet then made the Countryballs meme and they eventually forgot about it until sometime.Now the made up discs amd their made up HQ have an uncertain future.

2 seconds after people

The disc now falls onto the floor.A cat eats some of it and realizes that it ate it and it dies..With the disc in pieces, it will be impossible to play it.

1 day after people

The HQ of the comapny that made Stuff,Nippon Telecast stands strangly silent.No one is now in the 60 floor skyscraper.Now, Tokyo runs out of power.The TVs around the building stop playing the anime and the voices fall silent.No one can access the show now.

30 years after people

The HQ in Tokyo, Japan has gone green.Decades of the growth of Kudzu has obscured the building in green.Inside,The TV and computer screens have accumilated dust and the screens crack.One TV falls from the roof, leaving the HQ with a hole at the roof.The Polyester of the disc has not lasted, decades of wear and debris causes the discs to peel and crack.

50 years after people

An 8.8 earthquake strikes the city.Normally,the skyscrapers and monuments of tokyo had special earthquake-proof architecture but Nippon Telecast's HQ was in construction during the 2008 economic depression.To continue construction, the building did not use this architecture.The company was OK with this but this made it vunerable to earthquakes.Now, just like the US Bank tower in Los Angeles, the upper floors snap and fall.Only this time, the whole Skyscraper topples onto the 50 story Tokyo Mode Gauken building.Both buildings fall within seconds.Stuff and it's HQ no longer exist.

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