1 day after people

In Guangzhou, there is no one visiting the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Completed in 1931 thanks to the funds from local and overseas Chinese, the hall was dedicated to Sun Yat-sen, the first Preisdent of the Chinese Republic. In front of the main entrance, a statue of Yat-sen stands. The memorial hall has been damaged before and repaired several times until 1998 when it was renovated to its present condition. However, with Guangzhou empty forever, how long would the Memorial Hall stand?

20 years after people

The memorial hall is covered with vegetation. Plant life penetrates the walls and invades the inside.

80 years after people

The memorial hall is in dire straits. Water slowly rots the roofing material and leaks inside. The base of the building has also suffered water damage and the surrounding vegetation worsens the condition of the structure. Finally, the roof caves in and the entire memorial hall crumbles down.

1000 years after people

While the reast of Guangzhou has reverted to jungle, the statue of Sun Yat-sen still stands. Although vines climb up its base, the statue itself would be the final reminder of Guangzhou.

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