Tacoma Narrows Bridge Was A 2 Suspension Bridge That Open In 1950, And 2007, Replacing The Old Tacoma Narrows Bridge After It Collapsed In 1940.
There were the longest bridges in the World in the state of Washington In Tacoma.

How Long Will It Last Without People Around?

1 Day After People, power goes out In Tacoma Into Darkness.

4 Days After People, The Only Thing Across The Bridges Is A Single, Silent, And Assassin.
Broken tacoma (2)

500 Years After People And 1 Days After 2 Bridges Collapse.

500 Years After People. 2 Bridges Was Too Weak To Hold On. And The Decks Of The 2 Bridges Collapse.

700 Years After People 2 Suspension Towers Collapse. Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Is No More.