Mars is a planet without plants, fresh water, and animals and is near earth, but if this planet was terraformed by people,  it would have water, many kinds of plants species, and oxygen like earth. What would happen if people disappeared?

Life After People

2 hours after people

The space ship with many animals crashed into Mars and many animals such as roaches, flies, beetles, snails, worms, small sharks, gobies, guppies, catfishes, piranahs, salamanders, newts, tuataras, lizards, turtles, alligators, crocodiles, emus, doves, hawks, rats, mice, rabbits, pigs, goats, gazelles, weasels, domestic ferrets, mongooses, feral cats, opposums, wombats, platypuses, echidnas, and hyraxes have escaped to Mars.

2 million years after people

All animals that escaped and invaded mars now rule Mars, so they are diversifying into new species that are not found on earth.

35 million years after people

Descendants of escaped animals now evolved into various forms, for example, rabbits evolved into animals that resemble deer with rabbit heads, mongooses that evolved into carnivores with tiger-like bodies and mongoose-like heads, and hyraxes evolved into herbivores that resemble the long-extinct chalicotheres in appearance, size, diet, locomotion, and niche. All animals that evolved from animals that invaded mars are now native species of mars.

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