1 day after people

The power goes out all across new york city, and while buildings are looking good as new, but how long will it take for this city to go green

1 week after people

The subway systems in NYC are no more, now they are rivers thanks to water pipes bursting and flooding the sewers, mean while roads are already starting to be taken over by plants as grasses grow threw the cracks, and mosses and lichens over take what ever area they can get moister from, meanwhile animals from zoos, homes, and near by woods are exploring their new turf,

1 year after people

Plants have now been taking over NYC, lawns become over grown fields, meanwhile animals find shelter in the empty cities, many predators like many canines, big cats, and bears feast on recovering deer populations. Meanwhile some escaped apes (including chimpanzees, gorillas, etc) and monkeys (baboons, macaques, etc.) break into buildings allowing dirt, soil, and seeds to blow in allowing plants to start growing in their.

20 years after people

Central park has now become over grown, wolves soon return to the area due to their populations reaching over 400,000 in the US, and with returning wildlife populations, mean while buildings are becoming overgrown with vines, grasses ,and shrubs, some of these plants bear fruit allowing birds, escaped fruit bats, rodents, and primates to be attracted to these places, and soon predators like hawks, falcons, owls, rats, mice, feral cats, bobcats, jaguars, eagles, apes, macaques, and baboons to also make these building their homes

100 years after people

Buildings collapse due to the physical environment, while some birds may have died, other animals left and retreated to the swampy forests below, now the decendents of these animals have spread out to other states, and now the big city has finally gone green

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