The Puerto Dons House is a future building which inspired the Berlin's TV Internet Tower. This is a amazing building to represent The Puerto Dons that was supposed to be created in a 1950s style to show remembrance of them after they passed away in the future. They also had a statue called "The Puerto Dons House's Statue" Which has the sentence "The heart of you is also the main part of your brain that gives you life" written on the gold. The Puerto Dons House also owns a pet store and always celebrate The Puerto Dons's Pet Day on July 23rd, when the The Puerto Dons first got a Poodle and a Siamese from a pet owner from Paris, France. The Puerto Dons House is located in Uppsala, Sweden, they also made a replica for visiting the mayor of Frankfurt to plan a new building to put in downtown. If the The Puerto Dons House existed, will this survive long enough to represent life?

1 Day

The nice lights and the rest of Uppsala Shuts down for good.

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