The RMS Queen Mary is a famous ocean liner that now sits in Long Beach, California. It is held to the docks by several thick cables. But the question is which will go first: the wooden docks? Or the cables? However, the ship is not empty. Although humans disappeared, the spirits of crewmembers and passengers still walk through the halls of the now empty ship. This ship was claimed one of the most haunted places on Earth. 

15 years after people: smoke starts blowing into Long Beach from the north. A fire is ablaze in Los Angeles, and its spreading like a plague. The fire finally reaches the docks. The wood is burnt down, and the poles the cables are connected to finally break free, and the Queen Mary, which is now ablaze, floats off into the Pacific. But its journey isnt over yet. The fuel in the engine is diesel, and this could put an explosive end to the Queen Mary's voyage. The fire reaches the engine, and just 15 years after people, the most luxurious ship the world had ever seen sinks into the botton of the Pacific.

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