(Note: This is my version of this article: The world)

The World (Earth) is home to every person on earth, with many buildings. But if humans disappear, these buildings are at risk. How long will our mark on earth last?


1 second after people

All humans disappear.

1 day after people

Electricity is starting to go out worldwide. Without electricity, lights go out and cities go dark. Dams and other factories also shut down. All buildings still stand.

1 week after people

Invasive species start to invade habitats without humans to kill them. Pets will have to adapt to the wild. Nuclear power plants start to shut down and go into safe mode to avoid possible meltdown.

1 month after people

Food around the world is starting to get eaten by insects and rats. Animals have escaped from zoos and roam the streets. A storm hits the dutch city of Rotterdam, and the city floods.

1 year after people

Plants take over, as they turn nice lawns to overgrown fields. Many wind turbines begin to break. Mexico City begins to flood.

(Not Finished)

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