1. The house of ME is an imaginary house created by a user of this wiki.Being one of the 10% of houses not made using timber-frame lets see what happens to it.

1 Second after people: I dissappear.My Ipad falls to the floor and breaks.My Imaginary cat goes and poops on the floor.

30 minutes after people: The food begins to rot.The gray Xbox 1s goes on standby, then goes to sleep,

2 hours after people: My once hated and beloved clothes are stuck in the closet forever now.The cat poops on the floor again.Lights begin to flicker on and off.

1 day after people: Being powered by Natural gas,The kitchen EXPLODES and the house begins to catch on fire, only to be put out by the cat peeing on the fire.The kitchen explosion cut off power on my house.

1 week after people: the cat somehow turns real.

6 months after people: Snow piles up on the roof although it does not collapse, for now...In the living room, The couch begins to rot and the lamp falls over and breaks.Paper begins to rot.

1 year after people: The USA map fades away.The World map however easily survives.The Lego Architechture sets are now covered with vines.UV rays fade the Legos.The bed is attacked by mold spores.The Halo discs start to peel and chip.The table collapses due to termite damage.The cat now lives in the basement with other cats.

40 years after people: The Halo discs peel away and they are now unrecognizable.The Polandball drawings on my other desk are rotting and faded away.The garage's flimsy structure collapses when a heavy snowfall dumped 6 feet pf snow on it.The cars are gone and rusted.

50 years after people: The Kudzu vine arrives to my house Via a hurricane.Within a few weeks,The Lego Architecture sets are overgrown but the eiffel tower is still recognizable.The World map peels off the wall.The Radar disc breaks to peices.The original cat is dead but there are cats drinking wine somewhere in the basement.

100 years after people: The north building caves in when a section of the roof comes crashing down.The Master chief statue falls over, which rips over the DanTDM statue.The mini Gherkin in the living room falls apart.The last of the furnishings rots away.My room collapses,Burying the Lego Architecture underneath ruble.The South building survives but the Kudzu has overgrown it.

500 years after people: The granite south building still stands despote all the Kudzu growth.The central building collapses,Pulling the south building down.

1000 years after people:The cats establish a empire, the cat empire (formerly sweden and norway) and they find the site of where my house used to be.They find the statues and a lego model of the house,Using this information,The cats rebuild my house and THEY live in it now.

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