You already know what the Earth is.

1 day after people

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New York 1 day after people

Now that all the 7 billion humans are gone, cars start crashing into things like other cars, signs, streetlights, buildings, ETC. In Las Vegas NV, a sedan crashes into crashes the Las Vegas Sign, causing it to fall onto the ground. Elsewhere, nuclear power plants across the planet shutdown, as there is no more power. However, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, hydroelectricity keeps everything working. Further south in New York City, NY, Radio City Music Hall is empty. Nearby, Rockefeller Centre looks down on an empty square, the Rockefeller Plaza, where a giant tree once stood.


New York City power outage

On roads around the world, cars are set alight, as fires break out in the wrecked vehicles. In Johannesburg, a tour bus smashes into the base of the Carlton Centre, the tallest building in Africa. In Tokyo, the Tokyo Skytree is shrouded in fog, as heavy rain & hail covers the city. In cities around the world, wax museums run out of power. The wax figures begin to melt, and pour onto the floor. Animals begin to break out of homes & zoos, ranging from common household pets to rare endangered species. In Sacramento, CA, the Sacramento Bird House shuts off, causing the birds to go into a panic. A small, empty cruise ship in the Bay of Biscay rocks in the waves, but one large wave slams the ship, making it capsize & eventually sink.

In Warsaw, the Vistula River is raised by 1 foot, threatening the city's landmarks. Nearby, at Warsaw Chopin Airport, planes start falling from the sky, crashing, exploding & burning as the airport itself collapses. In Amsterdam, power outages & a heavy snowstorm leaves all buildings in the city without any sort of heating. The buildings get cold almost instantly, leaving many house pets dead. Heavy snowfall leaves the buildings vulnerable to water damage, when spring comes.

2 days after people

In Malta, a casino sits empty. The power outages shut out the building, & the heat increases. Just like the casinos in Las Vegas, NV, rats & other vermin eat up the playing cards & anything edible. A thunderbolt outside Valencia, Spain, causes a small wildfire outside the city. A pocket cruise ship in Monaco starts to flow out of the harbour.

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Maltese casino 2 days after people