1 year after people

The Torre Latinoamerica in Mexico City still stands over a city that was once home to nearly 9 million people. The skyscraper was hailed as an engineering marvel due to it being the first major skyscraper successfully built on seismically active land and it shows. In 1957, it survived a 7.9 earthquake. An even bigger quake hit it in 1985, measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale devastating most of Mexico City but the building survived with little to no damages. But now, the streets of Mexico City are flooded thanks to the return of Lake Texcoco. With its base submerged, how long will this seemingly invincible structure fight on?

300 years after people

Most of Mexico City's buildings have collapsed long ago. However, the Torre Latinoamerica still stands, but only barely. Water damage has weakened the base while the support columns of the tower are on the breaking point. A final 7.4 earthquake rumbles through the ruins of civilization and the building many thought would last forever slides into a watery grave.

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