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Tower 290 is a pyramid-shaped skyscraper located on London, England. At 1,020 feet it is not only the tallest building in the United Kingdom but in the entire European Union. Now, in a world without people, how long will it stand without maintenence?

100 years after people. The ground becomes marshy and the basement floods out.

200 years after people. Tower 290's sister, The Shard collapses leaving the Gherkin the tallest building in London.

290 years after people. Tower 290 has been weakened from 290 years of neglect but it is still standing, but now a tornado hits London. As it passes by Tower 290 the wind from the twister causes one of the skyscraper's pilings to break. With no piling to stand on the pyramid-shaped skyscraper topples over.

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