Twin Towers World Trade Center in Puerto Rico is a vision skyscraper can stand 650 meters tall and 135 floors it is more taller than Tokyo Sky Tree does, that design is very unique for original World Trade Center in New York, Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo Sky Tree in Tokyo building designs, completed in year 2031. How long will this building survives?

1 day after people

Power grid fails, but the towers will keep continue with electricity.

1 week after people

Power grid on the towers finally shut down.

25 years after people

The vegetation starts to grow on the first floor of both buildings.

50 years after people

The windows breaks down.

75 years after people

The skybridge falls down and both buildings is separated forever. Surpassed by Petronas Towers.

200 years after people

The hurricane category 2 hits the towers but strangely survives.

500 years after people

All cities of Puerto Rico are now is jungle but the towers still stands.

1,000 years after people

Along survives by hurricanes, winds, rain, thunderstorms and floods. An earthquake 9.2 is a final push and collapses. Twin Towers World Trade Center in Puerto Rico is no more. Surpassed by Taj Mahal.

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