the usa is the worlds 3rd largest country can it last

Western cities

the west is very deserty and mountainy

1 day after people the power is out

2 years after people the cable cars snap

10 years after people California has a wild fire San Francisco and Los Angeles are caught in flames

50 years after people an earthquake strikes Los Angeles most buildings fall

100 years after people San Francisco's bridges finally collapse

200 years after people the Seattle and denver skyscrapers fall

300 years after people while most steel buildings fell long ago the Las Vegas ones are standing but now they fall

600 years after people finally the Los Angeles remaining buildings fall

Eastern cities

the east has 3/4 of the population of the usa

1 day after people the powers out

10 years after people in Philadelphia the Declaration of Independence rots

50 years after people in Detroit the motor city is a wreak and it's cars are skeletons

200 years after people the New York skyscrapers fall so do Chicago,Houston and Detroit's

250 years after people most monuments are now falling

300 years after people the Declaration of Independence gets blowed away

500 years after people amazingly some monuments of Washington are still standing and they will live on long after us

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