In a life after people, the abandoned Las Vegas strip is windy and dusty without humans to clean the buildings, houses, and towers.The Vdara hotel was once a luxury hotel of las Vegas, but now it will be a former husk of itself

1 day after people:Despite the strange new silence,It seems Vdara can handle itself...for now

2 weeks after people: Power from the Hoover Dam shuts off, causing the hotel to plunge into darkness.

20 years after people: The glass outer layer of the vDara falls to pieces, falling 100 meters to the abandoned city below.

50 years after people:The big one strikes las Vegas. The remaining glass and exterior have been sandblasted are are now the sand colour. During the quake, parts of the casino collapse and the Vdara sign falls flat.

300 years after people: The enormous hotel is hit with an earthquake. The Vdara becomes unstable. It falls to pieces.

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