The city of Venice is one of the most famous cities in Italy. Known for its architecture, gondolas, and canals. The city, being situated on the sea, is also extremely vulnerable to water. What will happen to this city after people?

1 day after people: Electricity in the city cuts off. Buildings go dark throughout Venice. The Piazza San Marco and buildings surrounding it lose power and fade into the darkness.

1 month after people: The sea level is rising slowly which, in time, could spell disaster for the city. Meanwhile at the Galleria dell'Accedemia, Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man sits quitely in its case waiting for visitors who will never come. Pigeons flock at the Piazza San Marco, milling around looking for any scraps of food.

1 year after people: Every year, the Piazza San Marco floods during "Acqua Alta" or "high water". Another acqua alta is occuring. The city floods, bringing sea water into the lower floors of building throughout the city. With no one to fix up the damage afterwards, the city begins to deteriorate.

10 years after people: Water damage has caused the first few buildings to collapse. Older, less stable building are the first to go. St. Mark's Campanile has started to lean. The sea has permanently covered the Piazza San Marco. The Palazzo Ducale has begun to flood. The paintings on the first floor have been destroyed due to mold and water.

25 years after people: Venice's famous gondolas are being attacked by nature. Most of the buildings in the city have been severly damged by the sea. The Basilica di San Marco has been inundated by sea water and is beginning to weaken.

40 years after people: St. Mark's Campanile finally collapses onto the Piazza San Marco. The majority of the houses have begun to collapse.

75 years after people: Sections of the Palazzo Ducale have collapsed into the water. The roof of the Basilica di San Marco falls into the sea.

100 years after people: The Vitruvian Man is finally destroyed by the waters of Venice. The Rialto Bridge and Bridge of Sighs both collapse into the canals.

500 years after people: The remains of Venice have been submerged under the waters of the sea.

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