Walmart is a superstore company that is located around the world. It contains many toys, food, clothing, etc, but if people disappeared, what will happen to Walmarts around the world?

Life After People

1 second after people

People disappeared, leaving Walmarts around the world silent, but life still plows on.

1 day after people

Power grids fail, causing Walmarts to go dark.

4 days after people

All of the fish and invertebrates in Walmart's aquariums worldwide had died due to lack of oxygen and food.

1 week after people

Rats, mice, domestic dylanuses, cats, dogs, cockroaches, flies, and other animals feed on food that once fed people. Bats, zoo animals, and others will follow the animals that got into stores, including Walmarts.

1 year after people

Walmarts around the world are starting to weaken due to nature.

5 years after people

Plants starts to take roots into Walmarts around the world.

15 years after people

The clothes have stared to decay, while trees have started to grow inside Walmarts around the world.

25 years after people

All clothes have rotted away, but toys will last longer as most are plastic.

50 years after people

Wooden chairs, tables, and other wooden structures have been eaten by termites.

75 years after people

Many of the TVs and other electronics inside all Walmarts have gotten broken due to nature.

100 years after people

Without maintenances from human workers, all Walmarts will be gone due to nature, with the ones in arid climates being covered by sand, dirt, etc, weakening the stores until they collapsed, while the ones in the coasts and other humid areas collapsed due to water being absorbed, causing the mainframe of Walmarts to get weaker every year, they have now caved in.

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