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Magic Kingdom

1 day: The lights of Cinderella's Castle and others begin to fade, as the power fails. Lights go out around the resort. The attractions stop functioning without electricity.

1 week: Food is beginning to rot on cafe shelves and numerous refrigerators. Some animals such as rats and mice take advantage of food sources.

6 months: In Epcot's Seas pavilion, the fish have died due to lack of oxygen, as well as no human interferance in keeping the tanks clean. Air breathing mammals living there, such as dolphins and manatees face starvation. Animals have begun to colonize parts of the park. In the abandoned Wonders of Life pavilion, racoons have taken advantage of the unused Body Wars simulator shed and its nearby buildings as potential shelter.

1 year: The gardens become covered with flora and fauna - the pavement begins to sprout weeds and saplings. Meanwhile, the plants in The Land pavilion have already died off, having depended on humans and genetic engineering to ensure their survival.

10 years: Roughly 99% of the buildings in Disney World are still in tact. The last of the rotting food in cafés is eaten by small rodents. In The Tiki Room, the birds begin to drop to the floor.

20 years: Cinderella's Castle, among other park monuments, burns. It is now a charred skeleton. In the Seas Pavilion, in Epcot, as the glass has failed, the tanks holding the water in the Sea Base break. The water spills out onto the floor, killing the fish. "Rapunzel's Tower" cannot keep up with the quickly-growing vines. They bring it down.

25 years: Many buildings in Toontown, finally rip themselves apart. The seats of Soarin' smash to the ground. The screen cracks under the hot Floridian sun.

30 years: Over in Epcot, numerous pavilions, such as the Finding Nemo-themed pavilion and its rides are in very bad condition; the fish residing there have died long ago. The facades of Russia, Japan, Australia, Germany, Italy, and many others also cease to exist, for they have collapsed into the lake. As their remains gradually begin to break down, the water destroys their foundations. Large slices of land now slide into the lake.

50 years: Arm dangling and hanging rides such as Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride and Dumbo collapse. Rides filled with water have been eaten away at, for example,It's a Small World, Splash Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean, and they collapse. The buildings in Tomorrowland, like Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor have fallen in. The main tower of Cinderella's Castle falls over, bringing the rest of the castle with it.

75 years: The roof of The Tiki Room implodes, and the walls fall away from the building. Autopia's cars have come to a stop long ago. Now, the cars are covered in flora. The same goes for Jungle Cruise. The skin has peeled off of the electronic motionless animals and reduced them to skeletons. Being mostly made of wood, the Grand Floridian Hotel and Wilderness Lodge have been attacked by termites and have collapsed.

100 years: Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom have flooded (although not before the animals have escaped). The monorail's tracks snap in half, and the train smashes to the ground.

200 years: The legs of the iconic Spaceship Earth ride in Epcot fail. It is released, and it rolls down the pathways, destroying numerous buildings, rides, and cars. The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse's tree has overgrown the house itself. Mickey Mouse's and Walt Disney's statue is rusted and covered in kudzu. The Haunted Mansion is surrounded by trees. Just outside the Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary Resort is falling apart. Being near Bay Lake, soil has become soft and weak. The hotel reaches its breaking point and falls toward the water.

1,000 years: Big Thunder Mountain finally caves in. The only thing still a reminder of Disney World may be the river and islands themselves of Tom Sawyer Island.

10,000 years: A meteor falls into the orbit of the Earth, and strikes Orlando. Anything that does remain is destroyed as it is either crushed or burned.

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