Austin Mahone's music video What About Love was filmed on a set. I think. How long will it last?

1 second after people: Austin Mahone disappears along with his fans and actors on set.

1 day after people: The music is going on and off. During the middle 8, the hidden computer playing the music turns off.

1 month after people: The hidden cameras fall down, get broken and some of them overfry and burn a tiny bit.

3 months after people: Animals are taking over. The water is evaporating rapidly.

6 months after people: The mirror is knocked over, the water is dry and animals have succesfully infested the house.

1 year after people: The wooden house, which is shack like, has it's roof fall in crushing the insides.

5 years after people: Entire sections of the house are cracking apart. Eventually, the whole house caves in.

25 years after people: The set is gone, only the concrete structure it is in remains.

50 years after people: The "Big One" hits LA, shaking down the entire structure into ruins.

100 years after people: Nothing remains except a bunch of buried albums, availible at a stand out doors. The albums include What About Love.

250 years after people: The albums are smashed and broken. Nothing remains.

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