Wuhu Town

Wuhu Town in just 1 day after people disappeared.

10 Seconds After People

Everything goes chaotic. Cars and planes, such as Miguel's Guide Plane crash whilst boats either slow to a hault, capsize or crash into the Starboard Harbour. The Whale Shark will stay in the air longer, but it too will fall.

1 Day After People

Power is NOT out in Wuhu Island due to the entire town being power by Wind Orchard, consisting of eight wind turbines. But for how long will they continue to produce power for the island?

Meanwhile, the iconic landmark Red Iron Bridge, also known simply as the Harbour Bridge, used to have cars, cyclists and joggers go over it everyday. But now, only dust and birds cross it. With Wuhu Islands being not only hot but also a dry place, will the bridge last longer than 100 years?

In Starboard Harbour the Queen Peach, a moderately-sized first-class cruise ship, is docked. Usually a place where parties are held every night, only waves are audible. Something which will cause problems for the ship over time.

Another place where Miis once gathered was in the Swordplay Colosseum. Will it last as long as the Roman Colosseum, which will last 1000 years in a Life After People?

1 Week After People

At this point, most clock towers in the world would stop working. The clock tower in Wuhu Island stopped much earlier however, due to a thief stealing one of the clock's hands. Will this clock tower, known by the locals as The Broken Clock Tower last longer than Big Ben?

One thing that is working at the moment is the Wishing Fountain. As long as power is on, the Wishing Fountain will still grant wishes... to no one, as there are no Miis on the island anymore.

1 Year After People

Wuhu Islands is a likely candidate for storms. One hits, but the sea wall will protect the Town this time round. But without maintenance, how long will it continue to protect the town?

Meanwhile, the Wind Orchard turbines suffer a similar fate to those in Palm Springs. Because of this, power goes out throughout the island. This also means that the Wishing Fountain stops as well.

2 Years After People

The Queen Peach is in trouble. The only thing that is preventing it from leaving the Starboard Harbour is a footbridge. After 2 years, the footbridge is weakened by storms, and breaks. The Queen Peach makes her final voyage. She could either hit the sea wall, the Red Iron Bridge or another part of the Harbour. If the ship's central part of the hull is hit, it will cause it to take on water and eventually sink.

5 Years After People

Runner's Circle, also known as Jogging Area, is now unrecognizable, as grass and trees grow on it. In fact, plants are now starting to cause problems for most buildings nearby. The Line grass, the only introduced plant in the island, is perhaps the most notable.

20 Years After People

The bowling pin signs outside the Bowling Alley fall off the building. Inside, the pins are rotting away and the floors are now covered in line grass and trees.

The Basketball Court is now almost unrecognizable. The hoops and fencing have collapsed and line grass and other vegetation starts to blanket the playing field.

Not far away from the Court, The Broken Clock Tower's clock face is breaking, causing the remaining clock hand to fall away.

40 Years After People

Although most buildings in Wuhu Island are still standing tall, the Hillside Cabins are on the verge of collapse. Decades of vegetation cover the insides. The weak point is the heavy roofs, which are no longer supported and will now cave in.

In Wuhu Town, vegetation is covering the remaining roads and walkways. As for the electric cars (the only type of car allowed on the island), they no longer have inflated tyres or paint. Being in a place near the sea means they might not last as long as other cars around the world.

50 Years After People

The sea wall that protects Wuhu Island is about to collapse. Although it is made of stone, constant storms and 50 years without maintenance means that parts of it finally collapse into the sea.

The loss of the sea wall means that any trace of the Basketball Court will disappear. Nearby, the Bowling Alley's roof caves in after decades of damage.

Meanwhile, the Swordplay Colosseum, despite having the word "Colosseum" in its name, will not even survive a tenth of the Colosseum's life span in a Life After People. Storms and decades without maintenance causes the corroded grandstand and arena to collapse into the sea.

100 Years After People

The base of the Broken Clock Tower is covered in vegetation and seawater. This means that it can no longer support the actual tower. The clock tower collapses onto the ground.

Around the world, suspension bridges are collapsing as their vertical cables break. The Red Iron Bridge is an exception however, due to it being in a hot and dry climate. From a distance it actually looks roughly the same, as the bridge was painted rust red, changing to rust-rust after 100 years of neglect. But close up, it is not a pretty site. To make matters worse, the climate means that vegetation is covering the bridge.

150 Years After People

The remaining parts of the sea wall finally fail, causing the water levels to increase even more. In the Wuhu Town Plaza, no trace of the Wishing Fountain remains. But something nearby still stands: a large arch. But after 150 years, the top of the arch crumbles, along with the rest of it.

For the Red Iron Bridge, being in a hot and dry climate means it has survived longer than most suspension bridges, like San Francisco's Oakland Bay Bridge. But after 150 years, the cables finally fail, and the deck falls into the sea. The tower remains for now.

300 Years After People

The Red Iron Bridge's tower has survived for another 150 years. 300 years of neglect has finally taken its toll however, and the tower topples into the sea.

With the tower gone, Wuhu Island is now unrecognizable. Plants and water will cover up the remains of the town.

10 Thousand Years After People

Will any evidence of Wuhu Town survive? Although ancient ruins exist on the island, it seems unlikely. This is due to Mt Tenganamanga, also known as Maka Wuhu or Rocky Peak. It erupting will spell doom for any remains of Wuhu Town

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