Yakutsk has been considered the coldest city in the world where average high in January is -30'C but has a summer that can be as warm and 30'C and is not uncommon, But temperatures can dip below -60'C in Yakutsk, Without People, How long will this Sakha Republic Extreme city last.

1 Day After People: Power turns off, Buildings turn cold as heaters could not heat them due to the lack of power.

2 Weeks After People: Interior Building Temperatures plunge below 0'C

6 Months After People: Road Starts to be taken over by vegetation, The Interior of the buildings are actually cooler than the outside where Temperatures are 25'C, Plants Take over the Buildings.

5 Years After People: Glass Breaks leaving the interior of the buildings to plunge below -50'C, Furniture and the interiors of these buildings are doomed.

25 Years After People: A Rare -75'C Temperature hits the City of Yakutsk, The Bridges made out of steel breaks as they are weakened by the extreme cold, Traffic Lights and Lamp Posts fall down and break apart being extremely fragile to the extreme cold, Some Steel Buildings Collapse.

70 Years After People: The Tallest Building in Yakutsk Collapses, as it could not fend off the constant freeze thaw cycle and the plants that grow around it.

250 Years After People: During the Summer, Yaktusk is a flooded city dominated by frogs and insects, During the winter, The city is nothing but Ice, A Few buildings still stand in this city.

1000 Years After People: Only a few building remain intact as they are weakened by the Vegetation and the Extreme Cold Temperatures, Temperatures Plunge below -100'C for the first time, Any metal skeletons of the buildings fall down as they could not fend off the extreme cold, Barely Any Buildings Stand in Yakutsk and nearly all the plants in the city are dead.

25,000 Years After People: Yakutsk is completely unrecognizable as an Ice Sheet covers the entire city.

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