Yellowstone National Park is a national park of Colorado.

Life After People

1 second after people

People disappeared.

1 day after people

Power grids failed.

1 year after people

Many populations of animals of this park, including bison, deer, horses, and among others, are starting to explode due to lack of humans hunting them.

50 years after people

Some newer animals have started to move into Yellowstone National Park, including elephants, lions, camels, tapirs, rhinos, and among others.

150 years after people

All man-made structures of the park have crumbled into nothing but rubble.

1,000 years after people

Due to lack of humans causing climate changes to earth, this place now has more forests and grasslands, and without human settlements, animals aren't struggling from food shortages, so animals like giant bison (larger long-horned descendants of a group of plains bison) have evolved.

1,000,000 years after people

The supervolcano of this park has erupted, but fortunately for most animals in the area, the effects are minimal, unlike in prehistoric times, where the Yellowstone's volcano had erupted so much that it killed off previous species, this volcano has finally ran out of fuel and the volcano has died, leaving many animals in Yellowstone National Park safe.

2,000,000 years after people

Many future sapient beings including sapient dylanuses, European vampires, Collinwood vampires, American vampires, Bass.EXEs, Robot Masters, Maverick Hunters, Net-Navis, FM-Ians, and many others have discovered many remanence of what was once Yellowstone National Park and discovered many animals around them including several species of bison (plains bison, giant bison, etc), elk, whitetail deer, brown/grizzly bears, black bears, gray wolves, and other natives that still exist in this region, in fact, most of North America. They've also discovered formerly nonnative species like large aurochs-like descendants of feral cattle, small agile deer-like cattle descendants, aggressive vampire-like fully-carnivorous descendants of the American killer dylanuses, as well as marthanuses, American elephants, North American tapirs, North American baboons, North American dromedary camels, and among others.

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