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The Life After People video starts in a house without you.

1 day after people: The alarm clock buzzers, the news programs aren't running because humans shut down transmitters but no one shut down the TV, and the humans have disappeared.

2 days after people: The electrical power shuts down. Most dogs and cats escape without humans.

10 days after people: The water is starting to melt, the food is rotting.

1 year after people: This house starts to flood and grow plant life.

20 years after people: Paper, cotton, and plaster rot away.

40 years after people: Most American houses will collapse in this timeframe. Mold has caused wood to decay, and this house collapses. Across the Atlantic, European houses are more expensive, and therefore more resistant to decay. Frost damage breaks concoeaat badly.

10,000 years after people: Some European houses are standing under lots of trees in forests. It's over for America's houses.

50 Million years after people: Plastic objects, like legos and action figures, if under the right condition, can last forever.

7 Billion years after people: The Sun has become a red giant. First, smaller animals like squirrels begin to notice the heat, and then larger animals like Elephants. Then, water boils off the Earth and eventually all plants die. Without plants, there is no oxygen, meaning no life. Then plastic and glass begin to melt while wood and paper burn. Afterwards, the Sun has grown so much that it is only a few miles away from the Earth. And then a blast of Solar Radiation crumbles the continents and core. We are swallowed by the sun.